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DR Luis Rodolfo Rojas Vera, Emeritus Professor, Current Research of National Council of Research of Venezuela Leval 4 (top) Editor-in-Cheif of www.revistaorbis.org.ve. I'm teach in Seminaries of Thesis. My current major research interes are: 1) peace Culture, 2) Information Society, 3)SCientific Cultura and Postgraduate Systems. More than 100 scientific papers published. Some recent papers will be find in spanish by google scholar under "luis rodolfo rojas". I has been author of 2 Doctoral programs (in Managemet Science) and 2 postdoct programs (first in Management Science and secund Peace Culture) currenty opened in Venezuela. 55 year old, dont smoke and like lo travel or walking in the city. I'am love teach and research with young people. luisrodolforojas@gmail.com

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Communication and Peace

Rojas et al
Pereception of comm and peace in studentes

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Communication an Peace

Perception of Peace Culture in universities student in Venezuela

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Comm and management / Sem Thesis

2009, Univ Catolica Andres bello (Нет описания курса)
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Comm and Peace

Feb Fall 2009, Univ catolica andres Bello (Нет описания курса)
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Research Academic Num 2285 (2009)