Igor Fedorov

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Correlation system recognition in the real time

I. Fedorov, A. Angervaks, A. Shcheulin
As an image recognition system demonstrated real-time dynamic holographic Joint Transform Correlator (JTC) based on the volume dynamic holographic environment - cadmium fluoride crystals with bistable impurity centers of gallium. Experiments showed the possibility of using this correlation to...

Computer modeling of the wavelet transform image correlator

I. Fedorov, K. Khohlov, O. Leonov, G. Starikov
Certain optical means of image recognition, such as coherent optical image correlators, exhibit a serious problem of sensitivity to the scale and angular orientation of images under observation with respect to the reference image. Use of the wavelet transform processing allows one to...

Optical wavelet correlator sensitivity to the change of scale and angle orientation recognition objects

I. Fedorov
I study the sensitivity of the optical wavelet correlation to changes in scale and rotation relative to recognize the image of the reference.
scale   → angle   → wavelet  
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Профессиональный опыт

Янв 2007 — Дек 2009 Senior Laboratory Assistant Researcher — Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, St. Petersburg

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