Anatoli I. Popov

PhD, Dr.Phys, leading research scientist    /    Латвия, Riga


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Luminescence of nano- and macrosized LaPO4:Ce,Tb excited by synchrotron radiation

V. Pankratov, A.I. Popov, A. Kotlov, C. Feldmann
Comparing the luminescence properties of nanosized and macroscopic LaPO4:Ce,Tb powders are performed in wide spectral range using synchrotron radiation. In the present study, LaPO4:Ce,Tb nanopowder was produced by means of a microwave-induced synthesis in ionic liquids, whereas the bulk sample...
Optical Materials, Vol.33, 2011, pp. 1102-1105

Numerical Evidences of Polarization Switching in PMN Type Relaxor Ferroelectrics

E. Klotins, A. I. Popov, V. Pankratov, L. Shirmane, D. Engers
We present a conceptual and computational framework for chemically ordered Pb(Mg 1/3 Nb 2/3 O 3) (PMN) type supercells violating disorder of the host lattice. The effective Hamiltonian is specified by invariance under permutations of supercells and by the dipole-dipole interaction supporting both...
Integrated Ferroelectrics, 2011, vol. 123, p. 32-39.

First-principles simulations of the electronic density of states for superionic Ag2CdI4 crystals

S. Velgosh, B. Andriyevsky, I. Karbovnyk, I. Bolesta, O. Bovgyra, W. Ciepluch-Trojanek, I.V. Kityk, A.I. Popov
Energy band dispersion calculations have been performed for Ag2CdI4 superionic within a framework of local density approximation (Perdew–Zunger parameterization) exploiting the first-principles CASTEP computer code. The ab-initio electronic structure simulations were performed for both (I4̅...
Solid State Ionics, Volume 188, 2011, Pages 31-35
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