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Spin relaxation parameters in recombining radical ion pair (diphenylsulfide-d10)+/(p-Terphenyl-d14)− obtained by OD ESR and quantum beats techniques

V. A. Bagryansky, O. M. Usov, N. N. Lukzen, Yu. N. Molin
Parameters of paramagnetic relaxation were determined by OD ESR and quantum beats techniques for a recombining pair of radical ions (DPS-d10)+/(PTP-d14)− inn-hexane, isooctane,cis-decalin, and squalane solutions. The T2 relaxation time determined by quantum beats technique is independent of...
Appl.Mag.Res. 1997, V.12, No.4, pp. 505-512

EPR−ENDOR of the Cu(I)NO Complex of Nitrite Reductase

O.M. Usov, Y. Sun, V.M. Grigoryants, J.P. Shapleigh, C.P. Scholes
With limited reductant and nitrite under anaerobic conditions, copper-containing nitrite reductase (NiR) of Rhodobacter sphaeroides yielded endogenous NO and the Cu(I)NO derivative of NiR. 14N- and 15N-nitrite substrates gave rise to characteristic 14NO and 15NO EPR hyperfine features indicating...
JACS, 2006, V.128, No. 40. pp.13102-13111

Magnetic field effects in the recombination fluorescence of a three-spin radical ion/biradical ion system

N.N. Lukzen, O.M. Usov, Yu.N. Molin
Magnetosensitive radiofluorescence resulting from geminate recombination of a spin triad involving a radical ion and a biradical ion formed radiolytically in non-polar solutions has been investigated theoretically. The effect of exchange interaction in the biradical ion on the kinetics and yield...
Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 2002, v.4, No.21, pp.5249-5258
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