Наталья Николаевна Кислицына

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My main area of interest is connotation as the universal occurrence. I’m interested in the way connotative meaning is represented in the dictionaries and in texts (in statics and dynamics). I approach connotative meaning from a contrastive and cognitive viewpoints. That is I compare data pertinent to connotation in different languages and study how the knowledge of the world affects the word meaning (connotative and denotative). As connotation is directly connected with associations, emotiveness and expressiveness, images and stereotypes these fields are also of great concern to me. I also take an active interest in the process of transferring the connotative meaning of the source language units into target language units as connotation is a culturally influenced phenomenon.

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О месте коннотативного значения в семантической структуре слова

Кислицына Н.Н,
The article describes the connotative meaning as a part of semantic structure of the word along with the denotative and grammatical macrocomponents. The difference between speech connotation and language connotation as well as the phenomenon of linguistic personality should be taken into...
Ученые записки Таврического национального...

Внутренняя форма слов со значением "память" (на материале английского,французского, украинского и русского языков)

Кислицына Н.Н.
The article deals with the issues connected with the notion of inner form of a word. The comparative analysis of motivation and the inner form of the word memory in English, French, Ukrainian and Russian languages is carried out. The material for comparison is taken from etymological...
Studia Germanica et Romanica. – Донецк. – 2011. – Т. 8, № 2 (23). – С. 65-72.


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