Dhaneshwar Prasad

M.Sc. Mathematics, Ph.D. on theory of lubrication of bearings, Associate Professor    /    Индия, Yanam - 533464


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Dr. S.R.K.Govt.Arts College, Yanam , 533 464
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I am basically a science graduate and a post graduate in applied Mathematics. I have done Ph.D. on "hydrodyanamic theory of lubrication roller bearings " ie an interdisciplinary research work. Now I am working on roller and journal bearings both. I have three Ph.D. students. One finished on roller bearing and the other doing on journal bearings.

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Thermal effects in lubrication of rollers with non-Newtonian fluids

Dhaneshwar Prasad
Thermal effect in lubrication of rollers by non-Newtonian lubricants is anylysed with and wihtout inertia effect. Thermal conductivity and/or convection is also taken into account for analysining the result. It shows that various bearing characteristics are affected with thermal and inertia effects.


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