Антон Валерьевич Глотов

Ph.D in Physics, Leading Research Scientist    /    Россия, Воронеж


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Forefront of research, exploration, development and use of solid state physics of nano and micro structures and particles in multifunctional devices and installations.

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Structural Features And Surface Morphology Of Alxgayin1-X-Yaszp1-Z/Gaas(100) Heterostructures

P.V. Seredin, A.V. Glotov, E.P. Domashevskaya, I.N. Arsentyev, D.A. Vinokurov, I.S. Tarasov
Epitaxial metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) heterostructures on the basis of the five-component AlxGayIn1-x-yAszP1-z alloys (solid solutions) were grown in the range of compositions isoperiodic to GaAs. Using X-ray diffraction technique and atomic force microscopy it was shown that...

Raman investigation of low temperature AlGaAs/GaAs(100) heterostructures

A.V. Glotov, P.V. Seredin, E.P. Domashevskaya [et al.]
Method of Raman backscattering allowed one to study the substructure of epitaxial low temperature MOCVD AlGaAs/GaAs(1 0 0) heterostructures. It is shown that experimental data received during work correlate with results of the structural researches accomplished in the previous work. The...
Physica B: Condensed Matter.-2010.- V.405.- I.12.- Pp. 2694–2696.

Structural and optical investigations of AlxGa1-xAs:Si/GaAs(100) MOCVD heterostructures

A.V. Glotov, P.V. Seredin, E.P. Domashevskaya [et al.]
AlxGa1-xAs:Si/GaAs(1 0 0) heterostructure and homoepitaxial GaAs:Si/GaAs(1 0 0) structures grown by MOCVD were investigated. The changes observed in our experiments with highly doped AlxGa1-xAs alloys, led not only to the reconstruction of the electron density and formation of deep levels...
Physica B: Condensed Matter.-2010.- V.405.- I.22.- Pp. 4607–4614.
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Профессиональный опыт

мар 2009 — апр 2012 Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Supervising Engineer and Developer — Voronezh Specialised Design Bureau Laboratory
сен 2007 — мар 2008 Interpreter and Translator, Public Relation Specialist — Pride TWL

Научные и исследовательские проекты

Electrochemical Supercapacitors

A new class of energy storage devices that fit the functional niche between regular capacitors and batteries. Electrochemical capacitors are able to quickly accumulate and deliver energy an order of magnitude higher than regular capacitors. In turn, compared to batteries, electrochemical capacitors have higher specific power and can last for over one million charge-discharge cycles. They do not...

Федеральная целевая программа «Научные и научно-педагогические кадры инновационной России» на 2009-2013 годы

«Проведение научных исследований молодыми учеными - кандидатами наук по следующим областям: физика конденсированных сред; физическое материаловедение; оптика; лазерная физика и лазерные технологии»

Премии и награды

As grant holder: - Federal Program "Research and educational personnel of innovative Russia" for 2009-2013, Project 2010-1.3.1-121-018-030. Co-researcher: - Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project 09-02-97505-r_center_a. - Russian President Grant, Project MK-736.2011.2 - Federal Program " Research and educational personnel of innovative Russia" for 2009-2013, Project 2010-1.3.2-121-018-016. (2013)