Muralidhar Girish Chourashiya

Ph.D., Post Doctrate researcher    /    Испания, Tarragonna


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Electrochemical Performance of GeO2/C Core Shell based Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries

Duc Tung Ngo, Ramchandra S. Kalubarme, M.G. Chourashiya, Choong-Nyeon Park, Chan-Jin Park
In the present study, a nanocrystalline GeO2/C core shell was synthesized by a cost-effective and simple citric-gel method for various parameters, and the effects of these parameters on the microstructural and electrochemical properties of the GeO2/C core shell were investigated....

Hydrogenation and microstructural properties of hydriding combustion synthesized Mg-Ni-C composite ball-milled with NbF5 catalyst

Muralidhar G. Chourashiya, Yong-Han Kim, Choong-Nyeon Park, Chan-Jin Park
The present investigation evaluates the effect of milling the hydriding combustion synthesized (HCSed) MgNiC composite with NbF5 catalyst. X-ray analysis revealed that h-Mg-(1 0 1) peak positions of the ball-milled samples shifted by an amount that varied with the milling time. Morphologically,...

Hydrogen storage and electrochemical properties of the Ti0.32Cr0.43−x−yV0.25FexMny (x = 0–0.055, y = 0–0.080) alloys and their composites with MmNi3.99Al0.29Mn0.3Co0.6 alloy

Han-Gyo Lee, M.G. Chourashiya, Choong-Nyeon Park, Chan-Jin Park
In this paper, we investigated the hydrogen storage and electrochemical characteristics of the bcc type Ti0.32Cr0.43−x−yV0.25FexMny (x = 0, 0.03, 0.055; y = 0, 0.03, 0.055, 0.080) alloys and their composites with the AB5 type MmNi3.99Al0.29Mn0.3Co0.6 (Mm: misch-metal) alloy. The maximum...
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