Ihor Vasilievich Lapyga

к.п.н, Доцент    /    Украина, Киев


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Evaluation of the Drinking Water Hardness in Draw-Wells of Segregate Areas the Khmelnytsky Region

Netet. O., Lapyga I.
Drinking water plays an important role in the life of living organisms, including humans. Among the indicators that are used to determine the suitability of water for drinking is its hardness. The water hardness index is calculated by the presence of Ca2+ and Mg2+ salts in it. At high...

Condition Photosynthetic Apparatus of Acer Platanoides L. and Acer Tataricum L. on the Territory of Sanitary-Protective Zone “S. Kovalska RCS” in the City of Kyiv

Lapyga Ihor
The results of the study showed that the concentration of MnO2 and MgO2 in the composition of aerosols on the sanitary protection zone of the plant of building structures in atmospheric air is higher than in the control areas, located on the territory of Navodnitsky Park remote from of the plant....

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