Luz Calia Miramontes Sequeiros

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High altitude record of the Pyrenean lizard, Lacerta bonnali.

Vences, M., J. Rey, M. Puente, C. Miramontes & M. Dominguez
Lacerta bonali is a montane lizard endemic to the central western part of the Pyrenean mountain chain. Here we report on the observation of L. bonali at 3000m of altitude, constituting the highest known altitude record for the species.The exact site was situated a few meters below the highest...

Weak expression of reproductive seasonality in a dwarf gecko (Lygodactylus) from arid south-western Madagascar

Vences, M., P. Galán, K. Miramontes & D. R. Vieites
The reproductive cycle of Lygodactylus verticillatus, a small diurnal lizard of the family Gekkonidae, was studied using a large preserved sample from Lake Ihotry in a very arid and seasonal environment in Madagascar. Ovigerous females and small juveniles were found in all seasons. In males, no...

Anatomical differences among Atlantic and Mediterranean populations of Trisopterus luscus (Pisces)

Luz Calia Miramontes-Sequeiros*, Nicolás Palanca-Castán, Antonio Palanca-Soler
The aim of this study was to see if a simple, low-cost anatomical method could be used to identify genetic differences among different populations of pouting Trisopterus luscus. We based our study on 8 anatomical units of the pouting skeleton in 170 specimens from 4 populations (3 Atlantic, 1...
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