Kovalenko Olena

MSc, Graduate student at the University of Helsinki    /    Финляндия, Helsinki


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Helsinki, Finland
+35844 920 62 80
I am a young professional in the field of environmental sciences with experience in both academic and practical environments. I have got my BSc in Ecology in Ukraine and MSc in Environmental Policy in Hungary. While getting my education and doing research in environmental economics and climate change (BSc), and later in protected area management (MSc), I was also volunteering for several initiatives, ranging from public awareness on waste management to energy efficiency and environmental education. Following that, I worked in a conservation capacity building project in Ukraine as a conservation officer. Through this experience, which often involved being in diverse working environments and teams, I have built my analytical, writing and social skills. At the moment I am pursuing my second Master's in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in Helsinki, Finland. My current employment and research interests are in the intersection of several disciplines: conservation biology, GIS, climate change and environmental economics. I like working on synergies and interrelations, therefore I am open to a wide variety of opportunities.