Satyesh Raj Anand

Pursuing Ph.D, Research scholar, M.Sc. in Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry    /    Бельгия, Mau


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S.R.ANAND is a Masters in Chemistry; specialized in Analytical Chemistry from University of Allahabad Analytical Chemistry I am interested in the research of Nano materials for Agriculture applications, Nano medicines, Sensing Applications etc. For the achievement of success in above said disciplines i need a well equipped platform where in i can study the behavior of different materials in nanoscale and can implement for the desired application .I have my knowledge and skills in the fields of Research and Development to work in a friendly environment contribute positively in the progress.

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Antibacterial Nitrogen-doped Carbon Dots as a Reversible “Fluorescent Nanoswitch” and Fluorescent Ink (ACS Omega)

Satyesh Raj Anand, Anshu Bhati, Deepika Saini, Gunture, Neetu Chauhan, Prateek Khare, Sumit Kumar Sonkar
The present finding describes an efficient facile approach for the fabrication of nitrogen-doped carbon dots (N-CDs) as a “fluorescent nanoswitch”. Highly fluorescent blue-light-emitting N-CDs have been synthesized via a simpler hydrothermal method using 2,2′-(ethylenedioxy)-bis(ethylamine)...

Self-Doped Nontoxic Red-Emitting Mg-N-embedded Carbon Dots for Imaging, Cu (II) Sensing and Fluorescent Ink (RSC New Journal of Chemistry)

Anshu Bhati, Satyesh Raj Anand, Deepika Saini, Prateek Khare, Prashant Dubey and Sumit Kumar Sonkar Abstract
Presently, the doping of nano-carbons with the heteroatoms and metal-salts as an external dopant is a common practice for articulating the optical applicative efficiency especially of the carbon dots (CD). The ease in the fabrications of the self-doped CD could be a taken as a sustainable...
The reported finding shows a simpler way for the synthesis of the red emitting self-doped...

Brightly Fluorescent Zinc-Doped Red-Emitting Carbon Dots for the Sunlight-Induced Photoreduction of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) (ACS Omega)

Prateek Khare,† Anshu Bhati,† Satyesh Raj Anand, Gunture, and Sumit Kumar Sonkar
The present finding deals with a simple and low-cost fabrication of surface-passivated, brightly fluorescent zincoxide- decorated, red-emitting excitation-independent ultrafluorescent CDs, denoted as “CZnO-Dots”. Surface doping of zinc oxide significantly improved the quantum yield by up to...
The doped CD with inorganic salts can apparently form a newer platform among the existing class...
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