Sergiu Cornea

dr, Associate Professor    /    Молдова, Cahul


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The Necessity of Reforming the Territorial Organisation of the Local Public Power in the Republic of Moldova: Demographic Arguments

Sergiu Cornea
A plausible argument in favour of reforming the territorial organisation of the public power is the demographic situation in Moldova. Currently, the Republic of Moldova is faced with a series of demographic issues that leave their mark on many processes that take place. Here, I refer to the...

Inter-Municipal Cooperation-An Alternative Solution for The Amalgamation Projects?

Sergiu Cornea
Over the last three decades the Republic of Moldova has experienced several waves of reforms and counter-reforms. The governing political forces have implemented different reform strategies, mostly of them influenced by their political interest are short-term. Recently, in the public and also in...

The territorial organization of public power: the shaping of an academic field

Sergiu Cornea
Th rational territorial organization of public power has a special importance of building a democratic state in the Republic of Moldova. Th efficient functioning of the system of public power in a unitary state like Moldova largely depends on its territorial organization and the interaction...
2016, nr.1
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