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Юлия Сотниченко
Requirements for candidates:

1. Hirsch-index – above 7;

2. Fluent English-speaking (Intermediate, Pre Intermediate);

3. Research experience in the field of additive manufacturing technologies and biomedical materials science more than 10 years;

4. Not to be employed on a full/part time contract with TPU;

5. To have PhD degree;

6. To have more than two publications for the last 5 years in the scientific journals with impact factor higher than 1;

7. To have more than 4 publications for the last 5 years in Scopus and/or Web of Science.

Responsibilities of candidates:

1. Research activities with the personnel of Centre Technology of the Experimental Physics Department in the field of new biomaterials development with the application of additive manufacturing technologies.

2. Consulting of PhD students working with additive manufacturing technologies, experienced user of Solid Works, ImageJ.

3. Preparation of publications to be published in top-level journals.

Employment terms:

1. Competitive salary;

2. Fixed-term contract with the place of primary employment for a term up to 5 years;

3. Bonus pay system as a result of effective scientific and educational activities;

4. Official employment, in accordance with the Labour Code;

5. Fully equipped workplace;

6. Opportunities for training courses in the leading scientific centers at least 1 times per year;

7. Opportunities for creation your own scientific team;

8. Employment in one of the best technical universities in Russia.

To take part in the contest send your CV at: hr@tpu.ru*

*Please mark the title of message with "120 new names of TPU"