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Siberian Federal University

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Anastasia Garmash
The SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program (Wave 2) is aimed at contributing to the international competitiveness of the SibFU among the world's leading research and educational centers (Project 5-100) by recruiting more youthful faculty members and researchers with time spent and know-how gained in academic and research spheres.

Postdoctoral fellows shall conduct their scientific research under the supervision of SibFU leading scientists.

• Ecology
• Chemistry and Technologies for Energy and Carbon Materials Engineering
• Nonlinear Optics, X-ray Spectroscopy, Nanoplasmonics and Quantum Chemistry
• Forest Genomics
• Metallurgy and Materials Science

The requirements to potential postdoc fellows:
• age under 35 years old (at the moment of application);
• PhD or Candidate of Sciences degree awarded not earlier than five years prior to the date of application;
• fluent English language;
• previous experience in grant research activities at one of the leading Russian or international university;
• publications in high-rated scientific journals (indexed in Web of Science or Scopus);
• the applicant has never been a participant of the program before.

The list of documents to be submitted (application package):
• Statement of Intent to participate in the Postdoc Fellowship program (.doc);
• Application form (.doc);
• Copies of the academic degree and academic title;
• Passport copy;
• Research project description and research plan (.doc);
• Academic curriculum vitae;
• Motivation letter;
• List of current and completed research grants or projects for the recent five years, the amount of financing and form of participation included (principal investigator,team member).

The SibFU offer:
• full employment at the position of a researcher for 1+2 year;
• reimbursement of travel expenses for relocation (one-way flight tickets);
• access to the well-equipped labs;
• сomfortable housing in the residence hall at the SibFU campus;
• visa support.

The information about the results of the Contest will be published at the University web-site.

The application package for participation shall be submitted on-line by July 31, 2017 at the University web-site http://www.sfu-kras.ru/en/career
For more details, please, contact Russian and International Academic Staff Recruitment Office (tel.: +7 (391) 206-25-13, e-mail: hr@sfu-kras.ru).