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Ph.D. in Nature-inspired membranes

Within the Membrane Science & Technology group (www.membrane.nl) we have a vacancy for a Ph.D. position on:

‘Nature-inspired membranes’

Safe and sufficient water relies on reliable and efficient separation processes. Over the past decades, membrane separations have emerged as the most viable solution to problems such as virus retention, ion retention (desalination) and ion separation (softening). Membranes used in these processes are characterized by an amorphous porosity, broad pore size distribution and low membrane porosity. Even though limited by these morphological constraints, ingenious process schemes on extremely large scale make membrane technology the technology of choice. It is highly desirable to discover new fabrication methods of new membrane materials that overcome those limitations. Filtration with high porosity, thin and isoporous membranes will be the technical solution of choice for particulate matter such as viruses and nano-particles.

The aim of this project is the fabrication of bio-inspired nanoporous layers, for performing molecular separations such as desalination and disinfection. Two routes will be followed, the first aspires fabrication of supported isoporous 2D monolayer films, the second is directed at thin film enzyme activated composite membranes.

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic researchers with an MSc degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, material science or a related topic, with adequate experimental and theoretical skills.

We prefer candidates with a good team spirit, who like to work in an internationally oriented environment. Fluency in English is a requirement. An interview and a scientific presentation will be part of the selection procedure.

Interested candidates can send their motivation letter, CV (including references) and list of courses and grades to Dr. Kitty Nijmeijer (d.c.nijmeijer[ at ]utwente.nl; phone: +31 53 489 4185).

Link: www.membrane.nl)
Country: The Netherlands