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Job description:
The Renewable Energy Laboratory (REL) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, also a lab of Break-through Technology Center for Urban Wind Energy Systems (CUWES) of Kunsan National University, has established itself as a leading laboratory in South Korea with continuous developments in the relevant engineering researches in the field of Renewable energy. They have been undergoing several research projects by the South Korean Government. Through stable financial supports for the REL members, our aim is to make the selected research teams as world-leading research groups.

Research topic in REL:
-Development of numerical code for the design of vertical wind blade turbine
-Development of new wings by test and numerical methods
-Application systems: Wind-thermal system and wind Power Street lights system
-Analysis of wind energy potential in Saemankeum area

For Post-Doctoral candidates:
Based on several public and private grants, promising foreign researchers are invited to join our team as a post-doctoral researcher. Every month beginning wage will be US $2000 or (negotiable), and it can be positively adjusted depending on forthcoming research contributions. The initial appointment will be for one year (starting as soon as possible) and can be renewed according to the research achievements. Candidates should have a doctoral degree in Mechanical engineering, and excellent skills in English communication (written and verbal) are highly preferred.

For Masters’ & PhD candidates:
Based on several grants, our team is inviting honest international candidates for master and doctoral degrees. Monthly stipends and incentives, depending on performances, as well as tuition fees will be supported based on the laboratory financial supporting method. Candidates should have enthusiasm in research, and excellent skills in English communication (written and verbal) are highly preferred.

They prefer candidates who can publish international journal papers ranked as SCI or SCIE in the work of his/her appointment in the laboratory with their own creative research topics. Interested candidates must submit their curriculum vitae to Prof. Jangho Lee (jangho[ at ]kunsan.ac.kr).

Jangho Lee, Associate Professor
Director, Break-through Technology Center for Urban Wind Energy Systems (CUWES)
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kunsan National University
Kunsan, Jeonbuk 573-701, Korea (South)
Phone: +82-10-9256-2307
Fax: +82-63-469-4727
Email: jangho[ at ]kunsan.ac.kr

Scholarships Deadline: 15 December 2011

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Country: South Korea