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Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate on Accurate Time Transfer by Optical Fiber link
Application Deadline: Open January 2012, Until Filled

LNE-SYRTE (Observatoire de Paris) and Laboratoire de Physique de Lasers (Université Paris 13) are seeking for a post-doctoral research associate to develop a new concept for accurate time transfer by optical fiber links based on a two-way transmission of an optical/microwave phase, with the objective of long distance ultra-precise synchronisation.

LNE-SYRTE and LPL have already demonstrated the transfer of ultrastable microwave and optical frequencies over ultra-stable fiber links. Long distance frequency dissemination was developed through optical fibe networks. A new project is now aiming at developing longdistance time transfer for accurate remote synchronisation.

The Postdoctoral Research Associate will work primarily in fiber optics, time tagging, time calibration and ultra-precise synchronisation, laser frequency stabilisation and heterodyne phase measurement systems. He or she will be expected to participate in the experimental work by setting up an optoelectronic system at LNE-SYRTE in close collaboration with LPL comprising the laser source and heterodyne detection, and testing a long haul fiber link.

The successful candidate will be highly motivated, creative, with demonstrated abilities to work in a collaborative environment. An experimental background in optoelectronics, optical fibers and laser frequency stabilisation is welcome. The candidate should have a Ph.D in applied physics, optics, telecommunication or a related discipline. The position is initially a one year appointment, and may be extended to a longer term.

LNE-SYRTE is the national metrology institute for Time & Frequency, focusing on advanced metrology ranging timescales and time and frequency transfer to microwave frequency standards and optical clocks as well as inertial sensors. The SYRTE has a strong established research program in optical metrology (ultra-stable laser sources, optical coldatom clocks, femtosecond laser combs), and ultra-stable laser links over long distances through optical fiber networks. Located in Paris downtown, we enjoy close proximity to several world-class educational institutions, and multicultural opportunities.

The LPL is a physics laboratory associated with CNRS and Université Paris 13. It develops several experimental projects in the field of cold gases, interferometry, high resolution molecular spectroscopy, biomedical optics, bio spectroscopy and nano optics. The group Hotes is developing ultrastable optical links and high sensitivity fundamental experiments with molecules.

Interested candidates are invited to apply, by email with a CV, references and a cover letter
to Giorgio Santarelli and Anne Amy-Klein univ-paris13.fr>

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Country: France