Вакансии » Doctorate Scholarship in Mechanical Behavior of Ultra-thin Laminates for Composite Aerospace Structures

Title: Mechanical behavior of ultra-thin laminates for composite aerospace structures

Carbon Fibre composites have seen an increasing use in ariframe structures. New concepts and technologies are being explored to take full advantage of the intrinsic properties of these materials. Among them, laminates build-up from ultra-thin plies, with aerial weight as low as 50 gsm, constitute a promising alternative. These ultra-thin plies permit to devise optimum ply sequences, with just the desired content of fibres in non-critical orientations. Moreover, the strength of plies increases as the thickness decreases (in situ strength). In addition, fibre distribution and orientation improves leading to reduced weak zones. The PhD fellow embraces the experimental determination of basic mechanical charactersitics of thin-plies as well as the establishment of design procedures and tools to exploit the advantages of these new materials. A close collaboration with an aircraft company will provide guidance to the definition of objectives of the work. The Research group AMADE from the University of Girona, has a long established expertise in the field of composite materials (simulation, design and experimental characterization) with several running agreements with major European aircraft and aerospace companies.

Requested Profile:
Candidates should have a master degree on mechanical, aeronautic or materials engineering or in a closely related field. She/He should have obtained high marks (graduation and master). Good knowledge of the English language.

How to Apply:
For full consideration, interested candidates should submit their CV, a motivation letter, as well as a 1 page summary of the PhD project to info[ at ]amade.udg.edu by January, 15.

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Country: Spain