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New Agendas for the Study of Time: Connecting the Disciplines 

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REFERENCE NO. 2059/1111

-Investigate the philosophy and physics of time’s arrow
-New grant funded research project
-Full-time, 2 year fixed term, remuneration package: $92.6K p.a. (which includes salary leave loading and up to 17% super)

The University of Sydney has received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to explore the nature of time using psychological and philosophical approaches.

The project is entitled New Agendas for the Study of Time: Connecting the Disciplines and will focus on asking which aspects of time belong to which disciplines in order to reinvigorate, and perhaps resolve, age-old puzzles. In achieving this, we will bring a new clarity to the study of time in a global sense, and set the agenda for the subject’s future.

As part of the project the University will be making four appointments, each in different disciplinary areas.

This particular Postdoctoral Research Fellow will work on the metaphysics of time and be situated in the department of philosophy. In this role you will:

1. Produce research at the intersection of physics and philosophy focussing on:
-whether there is an intrinsic direction of time;
-the extent to which the features commonly attributed to time are to be found in the physics and;
-determine the location of those questions pertaining to the nature of time which can most profitably be answered within the discipline of physics.
2. Publish in journals of high standing, and possibly contribute to chapters in books related to the project
3. Take an interdisciplinary perspective on your research, which in part will involve continued communication between this role and the other three fellow appointments (which will deal with the history and philosophy of the scientific study of time, the metaphysics of time, and the psychology of time) as well as participation in at least two of the four international meetings.
4. Contribute to administration of the project, possibly including its conferences, outreach, and books

To be successful in this role you will have:
-Completed your PhD in a relevant discipline by the fellowship start date of early January 2013.
-a strong research record in a relevant discipline

This position represents an outstanding opportunity to capitalize on your previous training and advance your research career.

Please note that the start date for this position will be early January 2013.

Remuneration package: $92,604 p.a. (which includes a base salary of $78,252 p.a., leave loading and up to 17% employer’s contribution to superannuation).

All applications must be submitted via the University of Sydney careers website. Visit sydney.edu.au/positions and search by the reference number for more information and to apply.

CLOSING DATE: 1 March 2012 (11:30pm Sydney time)

The University is an Equal Opportunity employer committed to equity, diversity and social inclusion. Applications from equity target groups and women are encouraged.

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Country: Australia