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Aim of study To ascertain blood glucose levels in pregnant women in different tirmisters that is first second and third trimesters. The object of the present study is to diffarenciate the blood glucose levels in pregnant women and normal women it is also helpful to diagnasis. The pregnant mother suffer from diabetic or not. Discussion:- The blood glucose levels of normal women are well known this is FBS 60-80 mg/dl PPBS80-100 mg/dl In pregnant women the blood glucose levels are increased when compared to normal women the pregnant women have blood gluwse levels are fasting blood glucose levels in 70-110mg/dl and post prandial blood glucose levels in 80-140mg/dl The blood glucose levels higher third trimester when compared to remaining 1st and 2nd trimesters. If any changer accourin blood glucose levels in pregnant women it causes metabolic changes in titner pregnant women or fetus During the antinal periods 1st trimester this prequently resosiated with type emisissgraviddarum. Most of the times the pregnant women cannot tolerate the brake fost during he first try mister (0-12weeks of pregnancy) low forting blood sugar levels is commenlu observed. Contrary. To this there can be accational incidence of rustartional diabetes (hyperglycemia and glycosuria) during pregnently early the single parameter of blood sugar sugar estimatim is many use full in antenatal period. This it can give change to understand the effects of hypoglycemia during pregnancy. CONCLUSION. Basing on he above findings the following points are concluded The blood glucose levels are raised in trimester pregnant women. Trimister pregnant women have high blood glucose levels then remain two trimesters. That is 1st and 2nd trmistet. Second trimester have lesser blood glucose levels than third trimester and higher than second trimester. First trymister blood glucose levels are low then remaning two .that is 2nd and 3ndtrimirters. It is concluded that 3rd triurister (24-36weeks)have highst blood glucose levels.

P A project report on Blood sugar levels in pregnant ladies. By Dr.U. Lakshmi Narasaiah, and L. Gurunath

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