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ABSTRACT The enzyme amylase is essential for many major reactions in the human body. This is basically involved in diabetics and obesity associated problems. Inhibition of this enzyme is aimed for controlling diabetes. To find a suitable inhibitor one plant extract is screened with this enzyme and that percent inhibition was found. Based on these results the IC50 value was determined using the Finney software or log probit analysis. Parallely reference standard was also run and the inhibition and IC50 values were found. A comparison was done with the results of the screened plant extracts to determine the effectiveness. Generally, as compared to the synthetic drugs, plant extracts have lesser side effects. The plant extract chosen was Cinnamomum cassia.

P A project report On Α -amylase inhibition assay by the herbal extract . By Dr. U. lakshmi Narasaiah, and Suneel Kumar

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