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Abstract This investigation showed that a milk sample contains heterogeneous mixture of Lactic Acid Bacetria. These species could be used in the production of variety of different products. The analysis of cell-free extracts by SDS-PAGE is a reliable method for molecular characterization. The use of SDS-PAGE method had allowed the clarification of some ambiguous points in phenotypic identification, for example, it allowed the correction of the misidentification which is due to the presence of a typical characters, separation between strains which have closer phenotypic profiles, resolve the problem of microscopic determination of cell shape. Consequently, our results show that, protein fingerprinting analysis corroborate, complete and confirm the phenotypic identification. De Vuyst et Vancanneyt shows that the isolation of novel taxa mainly depends on the cultivation approach used selective incubation media and conditions. The identification of isolated strains need a polyphasic approach, including a combination of phenotypic and genotype

P Phenotypic and Protein Identification Studies on Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Milk samples. By Dr. U.Lakshmi Narasaiah and Manzoor

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