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Biomachinery: a new concept that was introduced in hydrobiology
Ostroumov S.A. / С.А. Остроумов / Сергей (sergei) Остроумов (ostroumov)
Аннотация http://scipeople.ru/publication/104392/; Biomachinery: a new concept that was introduced in hydrobiology and aquatic ecology by Dr. S.A. Ostroumov in 1999, with some additional publications in 2005 and 2006. Ostroumov S.A. Filter-feeders as part of ecological biomachinery to purify water // Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 2005. Vol. 29/2 (Stuttgart, E.Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung), p.1072-1075; The author introduced a new fundamental concept in the science of hydrobiology and aquatic ecology: biomachinery of water self-purification. The aquatic invertebrates that are filter-feeders constitute a vital part of the complex of aquatic organisms which are involved in the biomachinery of improving water quality. http://www.citeulike.org/user/ATP/article/9925779; Table of contents, and the cover: http://www.schweizerbart.de/pubs/books/es/verhandlun-167002902-desc.html; http://www.borntraeger-cramer.de/publications/detail/isbn/9783510540662/XXIX-Congress-Lahti-Finland-8---14-August-2004; A more detailed presentation of this and some relevant concepts: http://www.springerlink.com/index/R9PTJEQ5FK8VLA6M.pdf; http://blog.researchgate.net/masterblog/619_Vital_role_of_aquatic_organisms_in_improving_water_quality; Ostroumov S.A. Biomachinery for maintaining water quality and natural water self-purification in marine and estuarine systems: elements of a qualitative theory // International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography. 2006. Vol. 1, No.1. p.111-118. www.vliz.be/imisdocs/publications/100141.pdf; Advantages of using the concept and term ‘biomachinery’: (1) it provides an excellent framework to integrate knowledge on biotic and abiotic processes contributing to improving water quality; (2) it provides excellent opportunities to compare natural and technological processes , and as a result, to draw useful conclusions and lessons from ecological facts, to apply them to technology of water, and to management of water resources. How the term 'biomachinery' was introduced to science: it happened in 1999. See the abstract: Ostroumov S.A. Integrity-oriented approach to ecological biomachinery for self-purification and bioremediation in aquatic ecosystems. - Limnology and Oceanography: Navigating into the Next Century. February 1-5, 1999, Santa Fe, New Mexico. ASLO, Waco, TX. 1999. P. 134; Dr. S.A. Ostroumov initiated and chaired the session "Ecosystems as Hi-Tech Water Purification Biomachinery" at the ASLO Meeting Limnology and Oceanography: Navigating into the Next Century. February 1-5, 1999, Santa Fe, New Mexico; it is the first time that he introduced the scientific term ‘biomachinery’. Key words: water, quality, pollution, oceanography, water_quality, mollusks, mariculture, hydrobiology, filtering_activity, filter_feeders, filter-feeders, eutrophication, ecosystems_services, ecosystems, ecology, control, biosphere, biomachinery, biological, benthos, aquatic_ecosystems, aquatic, bivalves, marine, freshwater
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