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Опубликовано 2013-12-20 Опубликовано на SciPeople2013-12-20 15:03:07 ЖурналThe International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Volume 6, Issue 6, pp.193-206.

Prisoners` Social Representations of Justice and Just World.
Mihailova, M., Ruza, A., Ruza, I. / Нестерова Маргарита
Аннотация Abstract: The study of psychological features of offenders and prisoners has interdisciplinary nature; however, there are still disagreement in issues that concern the view on the prevention of recidivism and successful prisoners` re-socialization. This problem is particularly topical in Latvia as, according to statistical data, Latvia has one of the highest crime and recidivism indicator among EU countries. The choice of law-obedient or criminal behaviour is determined by several factors, though one of the most important is the level of individual`s moral and legal cognition. In turn, representations of justice and the belief in a just world are constituent parts of moral and legal cognition that largely determine the choice of socially accepted social norms in everyday life. The aim of this research is to study social representations of justice and just world of prisoners (N=100) and law-obedient citizens (N=600) of Latvia on the basis of S. Moscovici theory of social representations by developing three factor model of social representation of justice that includes justice of legal, moral and interpersonal relations.
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