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Страницы20 - 22 Опубликовано 2014-09-30 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-12-04 17:44:32 ЖурналTHE RUSSIAN ACADEMIC JOURNAL

Olena Kaminska / Alexey Fedorov
Аннотация The aim of the article is studying of the theoretical approaches to the Ukrainian economy and its regions modernization. In the article historical aspects of definition of concept of modernization, the main priorities of modernization of the Ukrainian economy are analyzed. Preconditions of modernization of the Ukrainian economy and its regions are defined. It is defined that the new mechanisms of modernization of economy of Ukraine shouldn’t be based on neoliberalism. Firstly, the real practice and consequences of neoliberalism are quite obvious. Secondly, neoliberalism was under construction round improbably stylized version of an Anglo-American way of development with which such details as steady factiousness in policy, high duties during start of modern economy, possession of the colonial empire or the colonized continent in case of the USA dropped out. All this needs to be considered, considering a question of today’s modernization. The conclusion is drawn that on character modernization has to be organic. In this case the probability to avoid bloody revolutions and command state mistakes increases. It is noted that the main sense of modernization of the Ukrainian economy will pass on its regional components at the level of which the main network and regional structures of innovative economy, first of all in the person of small business and which have opportunity to get effective support from the management institutes which will allow them to use the interbudgetary transfers, regional funds of compensations and separate powers of public authorities of regions of Ukraine are created. It will promote formation of regional space of the new multilevel economic relations.
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