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Страницы94 - 99 Опубликовано 2014-09-30 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-12-04 18:04:47 ЖурналTHE RUSSIAN ACADEMIC JOURNAL

Alexander Ponedelkov, Alexander Starostin, Sergey Zmiyak / Alexey Fedorov
Аннотация The submitted research is devoted to estimation requirements to a leadership component of political management in modern Russia\r\ngenerated as realized by experts and in popular consciousness. This paper presents and analyzes experts and public opinion poll\r\nfindings in several regions of Russia. Following the results of survey the leadership and elite configuration, in the Russia of our\r\nmodern age represented by a triad “President – Heads of territorial entities of the Russian Federation – municipal authorities”, is\r\ndescribed. Analysis of desirable and available leadership style of representatives of the Russian establishment of different levels,\r\ncriteria of selection of political leaders have been performed; stability of the modern Russian elite, its key positive and negative\r\nfeatures in the eyes of expert community and in popular consciousness have been evaluated.\r\nTimeliness of this research is arising from changes in foreign policy status of Russia, extension of its political and economic clout,\r\nincrease of its significance in the international stage. These positive trends not least result from leadership skills of the leader of the\r\nState and his team officials both at national and at regional levels. And the contest for the support or discrediting of the country’s\r\nleadership starting under these circumstances requires a thorough valuation of actual position of the leader and his environment\r\nin the context of the resource of their authority. Based on the research data, authors of the research note a linkage between rates of\r\nleadership and elite skills of Leader of the State and efficiency of political management.
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