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Опубликовано 2012-12-17 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-12-17 09:56:21 ЖурналInt.J.Chem.Sci

Microwave assisted synthesis and biological evaluation of flourosubstituted benzimidazole derivatives
U. V. PRASAD*, M. BRAHMAYYA and M. SYAMBABU / Manuri Brahmayya
Аннотация In the present study, a series of benzimidazole derivatives were synthesized in domestic microwave oven as well as by conventional procedures. These benzimidazole derivatives were also screened for insecticidal activity by MES (maximum electroshock) method. Most of these biologically active compounds were free of toxicity in irritation, sensitivity and immunology. The structures of all synthesized compounds have been determined by FTIR and 1H NMR spectral methods.
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