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Опубликовано 2018-12-01 Опубликовано на SciPeople2018-12-01 14:23:34 ЖурналOvercoming Uncertainty of Institutional Environment as a Tool of Global Crisis Management

Marketing as a determinant of the agricultural machinery market development
Litvinova T.N., Kulikova E.S., Kuznetsov V.P., Taranov P.M. / Павел Таранов
Overcoming Uncertainty of Institutional Environment as a Tool of Global Crisis Management. "Contributions to Economics". Springer. 2017. P. 465-471.
Аннотация The article gives a comprehensive analysis of the Russian market of agricultural equipment, allowing identification of the factors and problems of its development, the main of which is vulnerability to crises. The authors determined the role of the market in the agricultural economy of modern Russia and identified the need for rural development, aided by the development of agricultural machinery market. The authors concluded that the introduction of marketing logistics activities in the dealerships to ensure agricultural production and technical resources is an important task of the market for agricultural machinery, the solution of which can significantly improve the level of technical support of the rural areas. Application of marketing logistics activities of the participants in the supply of agricultural technology gives these companies a significant competitive advantage over other companies. These benefits are based on the possibility of obtaining timely information and certain values that are not available to other companies, as well as a number of joint actions in the interests of each link of the supply chain. The use of marketing principles in the system of territorial management promotes competition between regions. Increased competition in rural areas with other members of the social division of labor develops within the scope of scientific and technological progress, information, environmental standards of living, increased mobility of people, and capital. The center guide for the development of rural areas in modern Russia is achieving sustainable socioeconomic development. The authors have developed a complex structure introduction of elements of marketing logistics into the activity of agricultural machinery market participants and left recommendations for its implementation.

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