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Опубликовано 2021-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2024-01-19 08:01:18 ЖурналMarine Pollution Bulletin

Assessment of mercury levels in modern sediments of the East Siberian sea
Aksentov K.I., Astakhov A.S., Ivanov M.V., Shi X., Hu L., Alatortcev A.V., Sattarova V.V., Mariash A.A., Melgunov M.S. / Валентина Саттарова
2021. V. 168. Art. no. 112426
Аннотация Mercury (Hg) is an important environmental indicator of anthropogenic pollution. In this study, the Hg content in the bottom sediments of the East Siberian Sea was observed to range from 13 to 92 ppb, with an average of 36 ppb. Facies dependence was also observed and expressed as an increase in the Hg concentration in fine-sized sediments on the shelf edge and continental slope, compared to that in the sandy silts and sands of the inner shelf. The Hg accumulation in bottom sediments of the eastern part has increased over the past 150 years due to an increase in global emissions of anthropogenic Hg, which is caused by the transboundary transport of Hg to the Arctic. Moreover, changes in the Hg value, which occur due to the plankton arriving at the bottom sediments because of changes in hydrology and primary production, are thought to be associated with global warming.
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