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Опубликовано 2009-01-31 Опубликовано на SciPeople2009-06-07 15:32:42 ЖурналThe Body: Subject and Object of the Humanities and Social Sciences. International congress. Barcelona, Spain

Representations of human body in European costume
Аннотация This article gives short theoretical basis to the different representation of human body in European fashionable costume. Nowadays this theme is urgent, due to the new corporal conceptions, sport, diets and achievements of aesthetic surgery that change the attitude to human body. The creation of new type of garments is impossible without the studying of the previous experiments of European fashion. In modern posthuman reality, contemporary researchers pay a lot of attention to human body and corporal conception. Studying European fashion we can note the following tendencies in respect of human body: aspiration to hide human body by rectangular clothes and fitting or underlining human body by bodylike garments. As for the fitting tendency, it can be divided to: “Bodylike” costume that reveals the natural beauty of human body; and “Deforming” costume that deforms human figure in accordance with the social-cultural ideal. All these types of clothing were developed in ancient times but they have been existing in modern Haute couture fashion as the “individual clothing” and “theatrical” garments
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