Venkataramanappa YARRADODDAPPA

M.Sc(chemistry),Ph.D(Chemistry), Assistant Professor    /    Индия, Bangalore


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PG Department of Chemistry, NMKRV College for Women,3rd block,Jayanagar,Bangalore-560011
I am Dr.Y.Venkataramanappa, I have done my M.Sc(Chemistry),Ph.D(Chemistry) at Bangalore University,Bangalore,Karnataka,INDIA. At present am working as a Assistant Professor in the Post Graduate Department of Chemistry,NMKRV College for Women,Bangalore,Karnataka,INDIA.Teaching Inorganic chemistry for M.Sc Students.

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Flow injection analysis of ambient nitrogen oxides using Rhodamine B hydrazide as a chemosensor

Y.Venkataramanappa and M.Pandurangappa
A new chemosensor has been used to monitor atmospheric nitrogen oxides [NO + NO2] at ppb level. It is based on the catalytic reaction of nitrogen oxides with rhodamine B hydrazide to produce a colored compound through the hydrolysis of the amide bond of rhodamine B hydrazide. A simple...

Nitrite/nitrate speciation through arsenomolybdenum blue complex at trace level: Application to Biological and Environmentalsamples,AnalyticalMethods,3,1838-1844(2011).

Y.Venkataramanappa and M.Pandurangappa
A novel and simple method has been proposed for the estimation of nitrite/nitrate based on the reduction of arsenomolybdic acid to arsenomolybdenum blue using ascorbic acid. The obtained arsenomolybdenum blue complex has been oxidized by the addition of nitrite and the decrease in the absorbance...

Quantification of Nitrite/Nitrate in Food Stuff Samples Using 2-Aminobenzoic Acid as a New Amine in Diazocoupling Reaction

Y.Venkataramanappa and M.Pandurangappa
2-Aminobenzoic acid has been used as an amine in diazocoupling reaction to form an azo dye in the quantification of nitrite/nitrate at trace level. The formed azo dye has an absorption maximum at 550 nm in aqueous phase, and the resulted dye can be extracted into organic solvent to lower the...
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