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Опубликовано 2013-01-18 Опубликовано на SciPeople2013-01-18 22:48:37

Hub-tumor - are representatives of the Kingdom of large fungi, parasites.
Аннотация Theory. Is a very high probability that the hub-tumor - are representatives of the Kingdom of large fungi, parasites. Mushrooms have DNA. The process of развиия is similar both externally, and internally with plants: a mushroom parasite absorb nutrients through the vascular system creating pressure, is the germination of mushroom spawn in the remote parts of plants with the emergence of new hotbeds of грибниц. Also occurs consumption of sugars, heavy metals, and the emissions inside the plant enzymes and toxins, carry out the splitting of the tissues. Sugar accelerate the growth of fungi. As a result of the plant dies (shrinks) in a relatively short time. All depends on the type of mushroom, volume and age of the plants, and that is important, the size of the mushroom spawn with invasion of the plant. Mushrooms need water and nutrients. In the plant mushroom-паразид becomes the color and the fabric of the resources of the plants. I believe in living organisms of the same features. The mushrooms in the practice of accumulating радиактивные isotopes, cancer tumor, too, that are used as a contrast for CT scanners. Still there is a peculiarity: the VEGETATIVE the INCOMPATIBILITY of MUSHROOMS IS the SIMPLEST MECHANISM of the IMMUNE RESPONSE (file attached). This объесняется antineoplastic properties of chaga mushroom and antineoplastic antibiotics, derived from the mushrooms. Mushrooms greater part of the attack plants with age-related characteristics. Antibiotics, due to the oppression ацидофильной flora, contribute to the development of fungi (everybody knows). Perhaps it омолодило the development of Oncology in living organisms. Ray gun on spawning, the same causes electricity (local). Замеченно that some anti-fungal medications stop the growth of cancer ketoconazole (and others) In my opinion - it is Necessary to use the mechanisms of the immune response mushrooms for development of new drugs and combined schemes. I admit that мицелии fungi, parasites of animals and humans was defined earlier as a virus with the DNA.
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