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Опубликовано 2019-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2024-01-19 07:42:28 ЖурналProgress in Oceanography

Climatic and oceanological changes in the southwestern part of the Sea of Okhotsk during the last 94 kyr
Artemova A.V., Vasilenko Yu.P., Gorbarenko S.A., Bosin A.A., Sattarova V.V. / Валентина Саттарова
2019. V. 179. Art.no. 102215
Аннотация This paper presents the results of a study on a sediment core obtained from the southwestern part of the Sea of Okhotsk. By analyzing the diatoms in the sediment, along with the productivity proxy and ice-rafted debris data, we reconstructed the regional environmental and climatic changes occurring over last 94 kyr (sea-ice expansion, periods of active ice melting, and variations in marine plankton productivity). Local warming and cooling events occurring in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene periods, as well as transgressive-regressive fluctuations in the sea level, were documented. The shift in the relatively warm interglacial conditions to severe glaciation over 34 kyr ago that occurred in the studied area of the Sea of Okhotsk was reported for the first time. The time at which the La Pérouse Strait opened, the Soya Current input began, and the establishment of modern hydrological conditions was approximately 5.6 kyr.
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