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Theory and methods of computational vibronic spectroscopy

S. A. Astakhov, V. I. Baranov, and L. A. Gribov
We discuss semiempirical approaches and parametric methods developed for modeling molecular vibronic spectra. These methods, together with databases of molecular fragments, have proved efficient and flexible for solving various problems ranging from detailed interpretation of conventional...
Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2008

Production of trans-Neptunian binaries through chaos-assisted capture

Ernestine A. Lee, Sergey A. Astakhov, David Farrelly
The recent discovery of binary objects in the Kuiper-belt opens an invaluable window into past and present conditions in the trans-Neptunian part of the Solar System. For example, knowledge of how these objects formed can be used to impose constraints on planetary formation theories. We have...

Monte Carlo Algorithm for Least Dependent Non-Negative Mixture Decomposition

Sergey A. Astakhov, Alexander Kraskov, Harald Stögbauer, and P. Grassberger
We propose a simulated annealing algorithm (called SNICA for "stochastic non-negative independent component analysis") for blind decomposition of linear mixtures of non-negative sources with non-negative coefficients. The de-mixing is based on a Metropolis type Monte Carlo search for...
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