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Опубликовано 2014-03-19 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-03-19 12:15:26 ОрганизацияMoscow State University, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, U.K.;

Series of publications, Springer peer-reviewed journals
Аннотация http://scipeople.com/publication/116802/ ; Series of papers in peer reviewed top scientific journals, topics: ecology, environmental sciences, water science, environmental toxicology, ecotoxicology, protection of the environment, biology, conservation; innovations, new facts, new concepts, discovery of new environmental hazards of chemical pollution of aquatic environment, especially by detergents and synthetic surfactants

 1 On the multifunctional...Rus.J. Ecology 2005.art%3A10.1007%2Fs11184-005-0095-x.pdf   66,9 Kb
 2 Inhibitory analysis... Hydrobiologia 2002.art%3A10.1023%2FA%3A1015559123646.pdf   120,6 Kb
 3 Some aspects of water filtering...Hydrobiologia 2005.art%3A10.1007%2Fs10750-004-1875-1.pdf   211,1 Kb
 4 The effect of synthetic surfactants...Water Resources2004.art%3A10.1023%2FB%3AWARE.0000041919.77628.8d.pdf   73,9 Kb
 5 Biocontrol of water quality...R J Gen Chemistry2010.art%3A10.1134%2FS1070363210130086.pdf   288,7 Kb
 6 Inhibition of mussel...Hydrobiologia2006.art%3A10.1007%2Fs10750-005-1200-7.pdf   173,5 Kb
 7 Studying effects of some surfactants...Hydrobiologia2003.art%3A10.1023%2FA%3A1024604904065.pdf   51,6 Kb
 8 On Some Issues of Maintaining Water Quality...Water Resources2005.art%3A10.1007%2Fs11268-005-0039-7.pdf   75,2 Kb
 9 The Synecological Approach to the Problem of Eutrophication.DBS 2001.art%3A10.1023%2FA%3A1013378505630.pdf   20,4 Kb
 10 Identification of a New Type of Ecological Hazard... DBS2002.art%3A10.1023%2FA%3A1019929305267.pdf   18,4 Kb
 11 On Some Issues of Maintaining Water Quality...Water Resources2005. art%3A10.1007%2Fs11268-005-0039-7.pdf   75,2 Kb
 12 Identification of a New Type of Ecological Hazard of Chemicals... DBS2002.art%3A10.1023%2FA%3A1019929305267.pdf   18,4 Kb
 13 A New Type of Effect of Potentially Hazardous Substances 2002 _10.1023_A_1015385723150.pdf   24,2 Kb
 14 2005 Some aspects of water filtering activity of filter-feeders.chp%3A10.1007%2F1-4020-4111-X_26.pdf   145,4 Kb
 15 Suspension-feeders chp%3A10.1007%2F1-4020-3030-4_9.pdf   334,7 Kb
 16 Studying effects of some surfactants and detergents on filter-feeding 2003 art%3A10.1023%2FA%3A1024604904065.pdf   51,6 Kb
 17 Inhibitory Analysis of Regulatory Interactions in Trophic Webs. Doklady-Biological-Sciences-2001-v-377-pp-139-141-DOI-10.pdf   112,2 Kb
 18 Imbalance of Factors Providing Control of Unicellular Plankton Populations Exposed to Anthropogenic Impact. Doklad.pdf   82,9 Kb
 19 System of principles for conservation of the biogeocenotic function and the biodiversity of filter-feeders. Doklad.pdf   24,8 Kb
 20 Biocatalysis of Matter Transfer in a Microcosm Is Inhibited by a Contaminant Effects of a Surfactant on Limnea.pdf   41,1 Kb
 21 Anthropogenic effects on the biota towards a new system of principles and criteria for analysis of ecological hazards. Rivista-di-Biologia-Biology.pdf   90,9 Kb
 22 An aquatic ecosystem a large scale diversified bioreactor with a water self-purificaiton function. S-A-Ostroumov-Danbio5-2000.v37.pdf   67,4 Kb


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The material of these papers was summarized and complemented in the book, Biological Effects of Sufractants (CRC Press).
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About the series of papers to which this article belongs: updated; Short list, posts, [tags:environmental science, ecology, water] Остроумов (ostroumov) Сергей (sergei)
About this series of papers:
updated, revised; Short list, top useful posts, links, [tags:environmental science, ecology, water], explanation of novelty:
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Ключевые слова на русском языке: экология науки об окружающей среде токсикология окружающей среды экотоксикология защита окружающей среды биология сохранение самоочищение
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МГУ, Московский государственный университет имени М.В.Ломоносова,
Lomonosov Moscow State University,
protection of environment, охрана окружающей среды.
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