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Опубликовано 2015-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2017-03-17 14:09:54 ЖурналBritish Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science

Time Perspective, Hope, and Learning Strategy among Rural Australian University Students
Justin Ganzer; Nerina J. Caltabiano; Karim Hajhashemi / Karim Hajhashemi
Аннотация Research seeking to improve retention at Universities has traditionally had a focus on student engagement. Temporal orientation has been theorised as having a significant influence on student engagement. Zimbardo’s Time Perspective Inventory, the State Hope Scale, and the Study Process Questionnaire were completed by 167 Psychology students attending a rural university. Future Time Perspective and Past Positive were positively correlated with the Hope Pathway subscale. Present Hedonistic Time Perspective was positively correlated with the Agency subscale of Hope. There was a significant difference between deep and surface learners with regards to Future Time Perspective. No significant differences between school leavers and mature-aged students were found for the variables of Time Perspective and Hope. School leavers utilized surface learning strategies, while mature-aged students tended to use deep learning strategies. Current research suggests time perspectives may be helpful in enhancing and supporting academic engagement and persistence in higher education.
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