Karim Hajhashemi

PhD, Research Assistant    /    Австралия, Cairns


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Karim Hajhashemi is a researcher at James Cook University. He has completed his Ph.D. in Education at James Cook University in Australia and holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and a B.A. in English Language Translation. He has published several books and articles on various topics in applied linguistics and Education in general and in multiple intelligences and online learning, in particular. His main research interests are multiple intelligences, language learning strategies, second language acquisition,reading comprehension, online learning, CMC, educational technology, and educational psychology.

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Net-Geners’ perceptions of engagement through online videos

Karim Hajhashemi; Nerina Caltabiano; Neil Anderson
This paper provides a contextual overview of Net Generation students at a rural university in a tropical Australian location. It then provides a discussion based on the interview responses of eleven students studying either Education or Psychology in relation to their perceptions concerning the...

Digital discourse markers in an ESL learning setting: The case of socialisation forums

Alireza Shakarami; Karim Hajhashemi; Nerina Caltabiano
Analysis of the linguistic discourse plays an important role in the social, cultural, ethnographic, and comparative studies of languages. Discourse markers as indispensable parts of this analysis are reportedly more common in informal speech than in written language. They could be used at...

Students’ perceptions and experiences towards the educational value of online videos

Karim Hajhashemi; Nerina Caltabiano; Neil Anderson
In conjunction with the arrival of emerging technologies, many universities are encouraging their educators to rethink and reframe their teaching approaches and delivery methods. Integrating different types of media to enhance delivery of subject materials to higher education students is growing...
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Профессиональный опыт

дек 2001 — н.в. English Tour Guide — Iran Touring and Tourism Organization
мар 2012 — июл 2012 Educational Expert — Co.
дек 2007 — дек 2008 Research assistant — Assistant Prof. Dr. Faramarz Aziz Malayeri
дек 2004 — дек 2006 Research assistant — Assistant Prof. Dr. Kourosh Akef Khalkhali
дек 1997 — дек 2006 English tutor — Secondary and high school students
дек 2000 — дек 2000 Technician — Medical Equipment Company