Свелана Денисовна Алпатова

кандидат филологических наук, доцент    /    Россия, Москва


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. Methodological approach to “particles” in English.

Alpatova S.D.
The paper looks into different methods of analyzing “particles”, and their “weight”in syntactic as well as semantic quality of the phrases they are in. Linguistics knows a lot of ways to look into inner forms of words, even into the so- called “particles”. The current analysis is...
Alpatova S.D.. Methodological approach to “particles” in English Развитие науки...

Intercultural variables in foreign discourse

Alpatova S.D.
u Abstract The paper focuses on intercultural variables and their impact on formulating and making lexico-semantic domains in different languages. Much attention is paid to the essence of intercultural variables: culture, knowledge, language, traditions, beliefs, politics, social life. The...
Alpatova S.D.Intercultural variables in foreign discourse. XXVIII МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ...

Cultural convergence geneted by languages

Alpatova S.D.
Abstract The paper looks into convergence as a kind of concept, which is complex in its nature as it reflects an impact of one culture over another, implied in different languages. To compile “converged” lexical entries it is necessary to show not only how the languages in question encode a...
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